The Collective

Our market is a collective of local vendors coming together to cultivate community.


Our market is located on the first floor of the historic farmhouse located in Stow, Massachusetts. Our collective features a curated shopping experience that includes food, provisions and lifestyle products.

There are several retail spaces within the building. We have a barn space for wine and beer retail. Our welcoming front room offers an expansive array of locally roasted coffee available in whole bean or we can freshly grind it for you. There are three grab & go cases curated with the finest breakfast and lunch items like cold pressed juices, Massachusetts-made Kombucha, house made overnight oats, chia pudding, signature salads and lunch wraps.

We have dedicated space for a selection of cookbooks including everything from cooking with whole foods, paleo-style cooking, vegetarian cooking and barbecue.

Our provisions include items like Massachusetts honey, Massachusetts Maple Syrup, New England Charcuterie and local milk, eggs and frozen goods. We source from our friends, our partners and our community. We support local small businesses and artisans. Furthermore, we don’t let the zip code define local. If it tastes good and aligns with our belief of slow-food, we’re here for it.

Our wellness room, located towards the back end of the farmhouse, contains an array of lifestyle products including locally made children’s products, herbal supplements, essential oils, natural beauty products and artisan crafted candles, soaps and jewelry.

the botanary.jpg

We are the proud hosts of a women-owned, small business accelerator program. We will periodically be working with selected small businesses and giving them retail space in our store as well as social media and marketing support. They’ll be featured in this section of our website as well. Our current partnership is with:

The Botanary

Plants can energize your space, brighten your day, and lower your stress. Let’s be honest, they’re also simply the perfect visual compliment to your morning coffee or mid-day lunch run. Born of an idea to keep connection between mother and daughters during the long months of COVID isolation, The Botanary believes that every person has the potential to be a great plant parent. Their goal is to get you started the right way, finding plants that works best in your space and giving you the blueprint on how to keep them happy. Find their plants, pots, and plant accessories a la carte while shopping at Nan’s or head online to find more selection available for pre-order.

Here are some of the vendors we work with:


owen + Sage Baby

After a decade of corporate retail, Sarah Taylor DeHaan added “mom” to the resume. Her first son, Jackie, was born in 2016. It wasn’t until her maternity leave in 2018 with her second, Finley, that the idea of branching out on her own began to take shape. And owen+sage was born. Sarah’s goal is to bring the personal connection back to retail, while running a business that works for her family. She loves sharing with you products that you not only love for their look and feel, but also for what they stand for, how they are made, and who makes them. Sarah has carefully curated a shop focusing on small makers, eco-friendly and sustainable products, and charitable brands, all for the modern family.

free bird farm.PNG

Free bird farm

Free Bird Farm was started with a love of animals and an interest in fresh food. For the last 5 years they have been caring for their farm animals- which includes Nigerian Dwarf Goats and a few dozen backyard chickens of different breeds. In spring 2020, they decided to expand and offer their product to others. Free Bird Farm was hatched! Their hens are 100% free range, treated humanely (spoiled, they would say), and fed a completely natural diet with no hormones or antibiotics. Their practices are 100% sustainable and regenerative. They love providing eggs and other products such as honey and maple syrup (coming soon!) directly from their farm in Concord, MA.

kindred by kerianne.jpg

Kindred designs by Kerrianne

Kerri Reesey is an interior designer in Stow, Massachusetts who has designed many of the signs you see in our shop! Her love of design began in childhood and guided her through her interior design degree and time abroad in Italy. She offers her services for 2D Design plans, 3D visuals, finishes, and wood art. Her eye for design, talent and attention to detail allow her work to stand out, and we are so grateful to have her designs in our business!

sweet lydia’s

Sweet Lydia's started out as an experiment in the kitchen for care packages to friends and family. Everyone who tasted their offerings returned to request s'more and s'mores, and soon referrals poured in. Their hobby quickly became a business with the popularity of their one-of-a-kind s’mores (which we have at Nan’s). Lydia Blanchard opened the doors to the shop in November 2012 and passed management to a coworker a few years later. Sweet Lydia’s is incredibly small with less than 5 employees, and everything is mixed and dipped completely by hand! Their marshmallow flavors change seasonally and are made without corn syrup or egg whites. You can find everything you need to satisfy your sweet tooth at Sweet Lydia’s storefront in Lowell, MA or at Nan’s!


Hudson Hives honey

Stephen and Jen are a husband and wife team who opened Hudson Hives in 2017 based on a belief in sustainability, community, and care. Their approach means they neither use their bees for commercial pollinating operations, nor dilute their honey with artificial additives. Instead, they focus on letting their bees roam and forage freely. Their hives are located on their biodynamic farm, which has herb & flower gardens, as well as carefully selected neighboring backyard gardens, orchards and local farms. They believe that this not only creates a better product, but is best for their bees’ health. Their honey is raw, unfiltered, unpasteurized, and harvested in micro batches which retains all of the antioxidants, amino acids and pollen that is lost in large-scale produced honey. Each honey is unique in color, aroma and flavor as a result of the nectar and pollen collected by their bees.


joy farm

Joy Farm is a Bolton-based flower CSA run by Kathy Romeo, a mom and business woman. It is a small family farm that specializes in high quality, unique cut flowers. The flowers are grown sustainably using organic practices. Their goal is to provide joy through flowers, and we happen to think they do just that! Joy Farm does flower drop offs at Nan’s every Thursday. Come get yours soon!


earth & aerial yoga

Earth & Aerial Yoga, based out of Hudson, MA is a women-owned and run studio that specializes in aerial and mat yoga. Aerial yoga allows people to get out of their comfort zones, deepen their mind-body connection, and release stress. We run classes with Earth & Aerial every few weeks in our garden and love collaborating with them to bring events to the community.


SariBlue Jewelry

Christine Lorenzo grew up in Stow, MA and after years of international travel and working in high tech decided to settle back down in her home town with her husband and children. After jumping out of high-tech in 2011, Christine began her creative journey crafting earthy bohemian style jewelry and centered the entire collection on the Evil Eye Bead. SariBlue® is an earthy, bohemian, wear-it-everyday jewelry collection centered on the power and theory of the universally recognizable symbol: the Evil Eye. Using glass beads handcrafted via ancient eco-friendly methods, the collection ties together past and present in a distinctive way adding protection through the talisman. All beads are sourced in Turkey and all designs are created by Christine in her home studio in Stow, Massachusetts.

Simply Scrunch was created by Jamie Lavin. At 24 years old, she has been taking pictures for as long as she can remember. For the longest time she dreamed of having her own business. A year ago she expanded her photograph business and created Simply Scrunch. Along with the handmade greeting cards she already sold in her photography business, she decided to add both hair scrunchies and soy candles for the gift shop feel that suits her work. She features only her favorite prints on every greeting card she makes. She uses her family’s vintage Singer Featherweight and creates scrunchies. And she also provides people with toxin free, natural candles they feel good about burning. If just a year ago, someone told her she would be not only selling her prints, but scrunchies and soy candles- she would not have believed them! She is looking forward to not only finding out what the future holds, but where her art can take her.


goodnow chocolate

Owners Tom and Monica run Goodnow Farms Chocolate on a 225-year-old farm in Sudbury, MA. Their love for craft chocolate began on a trip to a vintage furniture store in Los Angeles, CA and then blossomed into their now thriving business. Goodnow focuses on single-origin chocolate: meaning that for each batch of chocolate, they only use beans from one farm or region in order to bring out the unique flavors of those beans. Their process begins with visiting many different farms in Latin America, then bringing beans back to Sudbury where they perform each step of the chocolate-making process in house. Their business has grown substantially, most recently being named to Food & Wine’s Best Chocolate in America list! You can find Goodnow Farms chocolate at Nan’s in the form of bars and also in our signature hot chocolate.

friendsheep organics.jpg

Friendsheep organics

Friendsheep was created by Valeria Isaacs, a zero waste entrepreneur, disability advocate, mother, wife, nature lover, and former biologist. Always passionate about ecology and sustainable living, her pursuit of those passions was interrupted when a spinal cord injury left her quadriplegic at age 22.  During her recovery, Valeria has obtained a master’s degree in molecular biology, worked in contemporary art, and enjoyed living life at its fullest. In late 2015, she decided to give new meaning to her life by founding Friendsheep, with the aim of providing high quality, eco-friendly products that respect animals and the environment while also providing work and purpose to women and disabled artisans in underprivileged communities of Nepal. 


mem tea

Mark Eli Mooradian (MEM) started Mem Tea Imports in 1999 after he sold his coffee and tea company and discovered some herbal tea samples on his desk. He was inspired to start a tea company that stayed true to the integrity of the tea and sourced, distributed, and spread knowledge about tea with integrity. Since then, MEM Tea has expanded significantly and provides tea for many businesses in the food and hospitality industry, including Nan’s! They also have a storefront in North Cambridge where their tea is sold to customers.

62 soaps logo.jpg

62 soaps

Danielle Ruggiero of 62Soaps creates all of her artisan soaps (including Nan’s specific varieties like Liquid Sunshine and Nan’s Vanilla Latte) by hand and in small batches. Using sodium hydroxide (lye) and oils, Danielle works from scratch and incorporates all types of milks, local craft beers, wines and Stow’s very own apple cider in her soap. Danielle’s cold process soapmaking adventures began about three years ago when clipping some lemon thyme in the garden. Knowing that the fragrant herb would make an incredible kitchen soap, she just couldn’t get that idea out of her head. After many hours of research, and using that same thyme from her backyard, Danielle tried out her very first rustic batch of soap and has been hooked on soapmaking ever since.


mamaleh’s delicatessen

Mamaleh's Delicatessen opened in Kendall Square, Cambridge in 2016 to lines out the door serving homemade bagels, lox, pastrami, corned beef, blintzes, black and white cookies, babka, egg creams, and dozens of other dishes that would make any nostalgic (Jewish) person swoon. During this opening time, they received much acclaim, including Bon Appetit Magazine's 50 best new restaurants in the country and Boston Magazine's Best Deli. We love partnering with Mamaleh’s for their suburban pickups so that people outside the Boston area can try their delicious comfort food!


Kind goods maynard

Get ready, y’all, because Kind Goods Maynard is coming to Nan’s! Michelle has curated the most beautiful shop and has an amazing artistic eye…we couldn’t not collaborate with her. For now, go check out her shop in Maynard- it’s like something out of a dream. We guarantee you won’t be able to leave without buying something.


dean’s beans

Dean Cycon founded Dean’s Beans Organic Coffee Company in 1993 after working as an environmental and indigenous rights lawyer. He set out to prove that a for-profit business could create meaningful change through ethical business practices rooted in respect for the earth, the farmer, our co-workers and the consumer. The mission of Dean’s Beans is to use high quality specialty coffee as a vehicle for progressive change throughout the coffeelands of Asia, Africa, and the Americas. All of their high-quality specialty coffees are certified organic, fair trade, and kosher. They are roasted fresh to order in small batches at their beanery in Orange, MA.


pigeon cove ferments

Pigeon Cove Ferments was started in Gloucester, MA during the summer of 2016 by husband and wife team Dylan & Kristen. They were inspired to start selling their products after making their own sauerkraut at home. From there, Pigeon Cove Ferments was born. They source “hyper-local” meaning that they source almost all their produce from a small handful of North Shore farms. These farms grow using the highest standards (no chemicals, no GMOs, etc.) to make sure the best quality possible is offered to customers. Their most recent offering is their seasonally flavored kombucha, which can be found in our store along with their other products!


valicenti pasta farm

David Valicenti began making pasta and cooking as a young boy, learning from his family, and eventually becoming a chef.  He honed his culinary skills in Boston and then New Orleans at renowned restaurant Arnaud's in the French Quarter and Martinique uptown.  Dave moved back to his hometown Hollis, New Hampshire with plans to open a restaurant of his own - but his planned changed unexpectedly. Dave started making his own tomato sauce from the tomatoes he grew in the fields behind his family's home and selling it at farmers' markets in the Boston area.  This sauce is now famously called "Red Gravy" and is sold along with fresh pasta and assorted gourmet ravioli at stores and farmers' markets all around the New England area.

ronnybrook milk.jpg

ronnybrook farm dairy

Thirty years ago, brothers Ron and Rick Osofsky went back to the future. They began bottling unhomogenized milk in glass on their dairy farm during a time when glass bottled milk was a relic of the past. Their Creamline™ milk was an immediate hit at Farmers Markets around NYC. Today the Osofsky brothers and their extended families are all part of the farm. Over the past 25 years, the name Ronnybrook has become synonymous with high quality super-premium dairy products. According to the New York Times, Ronnybrook’s products are the “Dom Perignon of Dairy!” In today’s world of corporate mega farms, Ronnybrook is still committed to producing dairy products the way they were produced in the past, slow and easy. When some describe their farming techniques as outdated; their response has been that they are “old fashioned” and deeply proud of it. At Ronnybrook, the treatment of their cows is as important as what they may eat. Ronnybrook’s “Mission Statement” is to provide a local source of fresh minimally processed all natural dairy products wrapped up in an overriding commitment to the humane treatment of animals.


omg! Bakery

OMG! Bakery makes New York style bagels in Boston, as well as all their other delicious baked goods. They have English muffins, bagels, delicious blueberry muffins (which we sell for breakfast!) and challah bread. They are located in Framingham, MA.

cultivate care farms.png

Cultivate Care farms

Cultivate Care Farms, Inc. is committed to improving the lives of children and adolescents through Farm-Based Therapy. Cultivate Care Farms strives to create a safe, supportive, and inclusive space to promote wellness for all people and to diminish barriers created by mental health stigma. As pioneers in the Farm-Based Therapy model, Cultivate Care Farms endeavors to establish Farm-Based Therapy as a recognized form of mental health treatment comparable to models such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, etc. We love supporting Cultivate Care and doing fun farm animal snuggle events with them!

la bottega.JPG

la bottega gelato

La Bottega is a natural gelato, pastry, and pizza business based out of Somerville, MA. We carry their gelato in the shop, and are big fans of their unique flavors like stracciatella, hokey pokey (honeycomb toffee), and white chocolate matcha. La Bottega gelato is creamy, rich, and an absolute treat.

donut stand donuts.JPG

The Donut Stand

Let us put you on to the best donuts you will ever have. The Donut Stand usually operates out of the Vin Bin in Southborough, but occasionally does creative collaborations with us! (Think: fried chicken donut sandwich). They use brioche dough for their donuts, cook them fresh and come up with the most creative flavor combinations we’ve ever seen. This is NOT your average donut shop…it’s a must try.