Stocking Stuffers

The barn is filled to the brim with knick knacks and beautiful gifts that anyone would love to receive for Christmas. But what about those sneaky little stocking stuffers? We often find ourselves waiting until the last minute to fill our loved one’s stockings, so we did a mad dash around the barn to find some great options to help y’all out. All of these options are thoughtfully sourced and from brands we LOVE! You’re sure to find something you like.


  • Sweet Lydia’s S’mores: Sweet Lydia’s has mastered the art of marshmallow. These are no ordinary candy bars, they are individually wrapped s’mores. Sweet Lydia’s perfect, pillowy marshmallow is in the center as always, sandwiched between two graham crackers and dipped in artisan chocolate. These are decadent and perfect to fill up your chocolate lover’s stocking!

  • Tony’s Chocolonely Bars: Tony’s Chocolonely is focused on making all chocolate 100% slave free. Believe it or not, slavery still exists and sometimes goes into products we consume regularly. Tony’s has made it their mission to eliminate this in the chocolate business. And they have pretty delicious chocolate, too. We highly recommend dropping a couple of these in the stocking- they’re creamy, tasty, and do good in the world! How much better does it get?

Self Care:

  • Mongo Kiss Lip Balms: These super cute chapsticks are rich and hydrating, and come in a variety of delicious flavors like Vanilla Honey, Peppermint, Acai Berry, and Blood Orange. They’re made with Mongongo Oil, a nutrient rich oil harvested by rural women in Africa. These lip balms are high in Vitamin E, essential fatty acids, and other nutrients perfect for healing and hydrating the lips. During cold weather, people are always reaching for lip balm. Mongo Kiss lip balms will be a welcome stocking stuffer this year.

  • Everyone Hand Sanitizer Spray: With cold, flu and omicron season in full swing; hand sanitizer is necessary. But it dries out your hands- hands that are already dry in the dead of winter. Enter hand sanitizer spray. Our pick, the Everyone Hand Sanitizer Spray, kills 99.9% of germs in just 3 sprays. They are made with a non-GMO sugar-cane derived alcohol base and infused with essential oils to create scents like Ruby Grapefruit, Coconut + Lemon, Peppermint + Citrus, and Lavender + Aloe.


  • SariBlue Jewelry: Give your loved one the gift of spiritual protection with this authentically Turkish evil-eye jewelry handcrafted right here in Stow. We carry SariBlue bracelets, earrings, and pendants in all different colors. The evil eye is a symbol of protection in many cultures, and is a great way to show people you love that you care and you’re thinking about them. SariBlue’s jewelry is made by hand with beads crafted specifically for them in Turkey. They fit perfectly in a stocking, but are such meaningful gifts.

  • Charzie Jewelry: Handmade jewelry is the way to go this holiday. We have a ton of Charzie Jewelry earrings in stock made with beautiful semi precious stones. At under $20 a pair, they’re a perfect stocking stuffer and there’s earrings for everyone’s taste in the Charzie collection.


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