Our summer retail favorites

Here, we’ll be providing a roundup of our top favorite retail products we discovered this summer! Of course, these are available all year long- but as we change from summer to fall in New England, we want to shout out our favorites of the season all in one place. Should we make this a seasonal thing? Let us know what you think!


camp craft cocktails

These are a staff and fan favorite, an amazing gift or party favor, and an ingenious idea! Camp Craft Cocktails is a woman-owned business (which we love) and inspired by the community created by the summer camp the two founders attended together as children! Their product reflects this sense of community: one mason jar cocktail can make a batch that serves a whole dinner party! Each jar contains all the ingredients to create a base for a batch of mixed drinks; and there are incredible flavors like Sangria, Old Fashioned and Brunch Punch. To make, you fill the jar with a spirit of your choice (they provide suggestions, though), let the jar chill in the fridge for three days and then strain out the liquid from the jar. This can then be added into a mixed drink or just sipped on plain- it’s delicious either way!

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burlap & barrel spices

Obviously, spices are not just a summer thing. Buuut we’re including these in this round-up because we started carrying them this summer and we are OBSESSED! Burlap and Barrel spices are Single Origin: meaning that they are only sourced from one area in the world. These spices are unique variations on your favorite flavors: there’s Wild Mountain Cumin, Royal Cinnamon, Zanzibar Black Peppercorns, Cobanero Chili, Smoked Pimenton Paprika, Ea Sar Black Pepper and more. With these spices, you really can taste the difference and once you try them you won’t be able to back. We aren’t!

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poppi prebiotic soda

If you’re looking for a replacement to soda (as so many people are), here you go. Introducing Poppi Prebiotic Soda. Coming in flavors like Raspberry Rose, Strawberry Lemon and Ginger Lime (as well as regular Cola)- you’ll be hooked from the first sip. Even better? The benefits of this soda are INSANE. Each can has about one tablespoon of apple cider vinegar, which has benefits such as better complexion, digestion, and an improved gut microbiome. Plus we can’t forget to add that these cans are so cute you won’t be able to help posting them on your Instagram or Facebook or MySpace (is that still a thing?) and everyone will want a sip.

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solely mango chili strips

This is the perfect on-the-go summer snack: and it’s just three ingredients. Organic mango, warm-spicy chili, and salt. If you’ve never tried fruit with some heat before we HIGHLY recommend it. The contrast between sweet and spicy will wake up your taste buds and is the perfect summer snack. Throw it in your purse, backpack, or keep the bag in your car whenever you need a mental trip to the tropics.


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