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Ahhh..August (cue the Taylor Swift song). The last month of summer is finally here, but lowkey we are ready for fall in Stow, MA already. Anyone else? Anyways, this week we are deep diving into late summer faves and as always giving menu item recommendations. We'll also be telling you all about what is happening in the Nan's Market universe. Let's dive in! 

Featured Products:


Maine Root soda

Drink delicious soda while also doing good? Sign us up! That's what Portland-based Maine Root is all about! We're sure you've seen their sodas all around town, but are so excited to announce you can also get them here at Nan's! Maine Root is made with Brazilian cane sugar and has so many mouthwatering flavors that have their roots in New England- AND they give back to their community in Brazil by investing into hospitals and schools all the time. What's not to love? Some of our favorite summer flavors are blueberry, mandarin orange, and lemon lime! (And coming in the fall: pumpkin pie!) Drink them on their own, mix them into a delicious concoction, or add vanilla ice cream for a funky float. We don't judge. 

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62 soaps

We love using this space to introduce y'all, our Nan Fans to local businesses worth supporting. This week we want to feature these AMAZING summer scents from 62 Soaps, run right here in Stow, MA. 62 Soaps are cold-processed which means that there is no heat involved in the making of these soaps: this requires them to take longer to set but in our opinion, it's worth it. Danielle from 62 has very unique soap scents: she has even made a Liquid Sunshine soap for us! This batch she just dropped off has scents like Peach Nectar, Blood Orange, Pineapple Sage, and Beach Day. And the best part is that they are just as beautiful as they smell. Come check them out in the barn and follow 62 Soaps on Instagram for more info!

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field recordings’ freddo red wine

We know y'all love Field Recordings, and here is one of our new faves. This is Sangiovese like you've had it before. "FREDDO" is a carbonically macerated expression of the classic Tuscan grape, drawing out notes of banana bubblegum and tutti-frutti. Get a hard chill on this (the label changes color when it's ready to go...) and crush this rare gem while you're catching some of the final summer rays this weekend. 


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