New At Nan’s:8/10

How's everyone doing this week? We are catching our breath after a crazy summer and gearing up for an even more exciting fall enjoying apple season here in stow!

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Solely Chili Mango Strips 

When we think summer, we think tropical fruit...and this is just the thing. Just three ingredients: mango, salt, and chili. This provides the perfect combination of sweet, heat and salt. Great for an on the go snack or to eat and pretend you're laying on a chaise in a tropical villa.


Nectarine Lemonade

The time has come. We are expanding our Liquid Sunshine to include new, seasonal flavors. First up: Nectarine Lemonade. Inspired by the rolling hills of New England covered in stone fruit trees at this time of year. This lemonade is infused with ripe nectarines that give it this gorgeous coral color and a fresh sweet taste that makes you realize: "Dang, this is good." We’re so excited to come out with more flavors inspired by the seasonal produce here in Stow. Let us know what you want to see next!

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mingle sparkling mocktails

Introducing Nan's non-alcoholic adult beverages! We have a few NA beers in the house and most recently got in a shipment of these bad boys: Mingle Sparkling Mocktails. Our favorite flavor? Cucumber Melon Mojito. This is refreshing, bright, and flavorful. Garnish with some mint leaves and a lime wedge and you've got the perfect mocktail for any occasion.


Our summer retail favorites


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