new at nan’s: 7/27

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Welcome back, Nan Fans! Thankfully (or maybe not...depends on who you ask), the rain is over and we are in the heat of summer! We're also in a very busy season for the Nan's family: Sobre Mesa's opening is just around the corner, we're coming off a full weekend spent with friends like New City Microcreamery and we're looking ahead to what's to come. This week: we're letting you all know about the newest breakfast items, shouting out an old friend of ours, and letting you in on our new favorite summer drink. And as always, we'll be telling you about the events coming up that you can't miss. Let's dive in!

French Toast from Nan’s Market in Stow, MA

French Toast from Nan’s Market in Stow, MA


French Toast Breakfast Bowl

We don't know about y'all, but we have been waiting for french toast to hit the menu since...oh, before we opened. Thankfully, it's finally here! And we know you were wondering- the marketing team has tested it enough times to give an extremely thorough review. If you've had our griddled cinnamon brioche, this is like that but on steroids. It's custardy, sweet but not too sweet and topped with soooo much goodness. Creamy almond butter, ripe fresh fruit, powdered sugar and a side of local maple syrup (a must, obviously.) It's french toast with a bunch of nourishing added elements: we can't help falling in love.

Shakshuka from Nan’s Market in Stow, MA

Shakshuka from Nan’s Market in Stow, MA

Shakshuka Breakfast Bowl

For savory breakfast lovers, we have just the treat for you! Enter shakshuka! We poach eggs in a spiced tomato and bell pepper stew, which gives them an unbeatable flavor. We top the poached eggs with feta cheese and cilantro for even more flavor, and then serve it with our classic spicy green beans and a warm pita bread.

Let’s check out some featured retail products at Nan’s Market in Stow, MA!

SariBlue Jewelry

SariBlue is a business we are so proud to work with, and we wanted to give them a special shoutout this week because they have some new summer pieces we think you'll love. Owner Christine brings her special touch to each piece, infusing it with the positive energy that comes from wearing the Turkish Evil Eye symbol. New in the shop are colorful hanging pendants for your car or anywhere in your home, stackable bracelets, and fun earring sets. These are perfect gifts or good for just treating yourself!

Nan’s Market Merch! We have T-Shirts!

Calling all Nan Fans! We've got some new swag for you, inspired by submissions we received via Instagram! If you know someone who loves Nan's, or if you're a superfan yourself, you definitely need a shirt of your own to represent! We have two new options: the tie dye "#1 Nan Stan", available in crewneck only and the "Don't Kale My Vibe" green option, available in v-neck or crewneck. And the best part is they're suuuuper soft and comfortable, so you'll want to wear them 24/7. Just like we do.

Hum Hard Tea Seltzer

We're calling it right now, this is the drink of the summer. Some might say it might even...make you...hum? Made in Oxford, Connecticut, this is the addition to your fridge/cooler/pool party you never knew you needed. Coming in three delicious flavors: Citrus & Bancha Green Tea, Earl Grey & Black Cherry, Darjeeling & Blackberry Lime. They're gluten free, organic, and (the best part) made with real fruit. It's good to know what you're putting in your body is made with love, and Hum is definitely just that. These flavors are perfect for summer get togethers and will make you feel like you're on vacation...sounds like our type of beverage.


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