How To Order Mamaleh’s Suburban Pickup


We are so humbled to work with amazing local businesses such as Mamaleh’s Delicatessen: which brings authentic, delicious and homemade traditional Jewish deli provisions to the Boston area. We’re even happier that us suburb-dwellers are able to get our hands on some of that deliciousness, thanks to the Mamaleh’s Suburban Pickup Program! HOWEVER…confusion surrounding how to order has taken away from the foodie excitement!

Now we present to you the official Mamaleh’s Suburban Pickup Ordering Tutorial.

Step 1: Go to the Mamaleh’s Website and choose “Order from Cambridge.” (Hint, we provided a link that takes you straight there.
Step 2: Go to the drop-down menu in the top left corner and choose “SUBURBAN PICKUPS.”
Step 3: Choose the option that includes “Stow” and add it to your cart.

mamalehs suburban pickup tutorial.JPG

Step 4: Set your pickup date for the day of the pickup, during the time we have specified on either our website or Instagram (not including specific times/dates here because we want this to be a tutorial for all future pickups!).
Step 5: Pick whatever goodies you’d like!
Step 6: On the date and at the time you chose, come to Nan’s and look for the Mamaleh’s van. Go up to the van and they will be able to get you your food! If you go into Nan’s, we will NOT have your food. But definitely stop in after or before you pick up your order!

We hope this is able to clear up any confusion about how to place your orders from Mamaleh’s! Now, order away!


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