Holiday entertaining Tips

Whenever the holidays come around, there's always hidden little tasks or scenarios that we have to take care of that we didn't see coming. For example: you have ten relatives coming over the night before Thanksgiving and you need to feed them dinner. Or you just found out you were invited to your partner's family Thanksgiving...and you're on the hook for a dessert? Orrrr you are the sidekick of a very busy Thanksgiving day chef who forgot to tell you there is NO wine in the house! We know these little curveballs all too well, and we're here to help. That's what we're here for: taking care of the food and drinks so you can savor that special time with family.

Chicken Sammie 10-Packs

Did you know we sell our iconic fried chicken and hot chicken sandwiches in packs of 10? These are always a crowd pleaser, and if you're looking to give traveling friends and family a delicious welcome the night before Thanksgiving (or Christmas Eve, dare we say?) these are perfect. Stack them all up on a plate for a fabulous presentation and watch them disappear…trust us.

New City Microcreamery Ice Cream Pies 

Want to spice up the dessert table at your family's Thanksgiving? Try one of these ice cream pies from our friends at New City Microcreamery! They are unique yet decadent takes on your favorite holiday flavors such as Pumpkin Spice, Apple Crisp, and Pecan Pie. New City's ultra-rich, ultra-flavorful ice cream will wow your guests and steal the show. It’s a unique, local offering that no one else will bring. Snatch 'em up, y’all! (Or we’ll eat them all.)

The Perfect Holiday Wines
For the person who is tasked with bringing wine to holiday dinner: Beaujolais wines are the perfect pairing. It's a fruity, light red that goes well with rich, home cooked food like what’s on the table every holiday season. Our in house somm is doing tastings Wednesday and Saturday from 2-4 so you can select the perfect one for whatever gathering you'll be attending! (Hint hint: we also have a prestige section if you want to impress that special someone’s parents this holiday. Just ask and we’ll direct you.)


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