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The way you take your coffee is a very personal thing, and everyone is different. Some can’t stand the taste and like a light roast with tons of cream. Others are strict black coffee drinkers and want the darkest, boldest roasts possible. We are coffee fanatics here at Nan’s, and love to nerd out about all the different roasts that we carry here in the market. However, it can get confusing…what’s the difference between all these brands, anyways? In this blog post we’re going to break down all the different brands so you can make an educated purchase next time you’re in the market for a new bag of coffee. Oh…and we can grind each bag in house for you, so there’s no need to worry about that. Let’s get into it- it’s time to find your new favorite coffee!


Dean’s Beans is the star of the Nan’s show- we use their beans for our espresso and you’ll even see staff members wearing swaggy t-shirts from the brand! Their groovy packaging and strong commitment to doing good stands out to us and has garnered them a devoted fan base. Dean’s makes sure to sustainably source their coffee and give back to every community that they get their beans from. They do projects like education support, bringing clean water to a community, and funding medical research in developing areas. Dean’s Beans shines in their dark roasts: they know how to create a blend that is bold with intense depth of flavor that honestly doesn’t even need that much doctoring to taste delicious. Our favorite blends? Berkeley Shark Bite, Ring of Fire, and Ahab’s Revenge…all strong coffees with bold flavor. Aaaand lots of caffeine.

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Speckled Ax Coffee is unique because of the way it is roasted: it is organic coffee roasted with Maine hardwood. Speckled Ax blends are extremely small batch and sourced sustainably and fair trade. They roast it in a way that allows the natural flavors and notes of the bean to shine. They roast two to three times a week, so every batch is limited and small: you know that your coffee has been treated and handled with care. As a result…they have award winning blends. Our favorite? The Bird Dog blend. This is Speckled Ax’s espresso, but it’s not the bitter, mouth-pursing espresso you’ve had in the past. People often drink it as their morning coffee! This blend is certified organic and sourced from Brazil. Speckled Ax has truly unique blends that will change the way you drink your coffee. If you’re looking for something different, you should try this brand.

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Karma Coffee is based out of Sudbury, MA (they have their own cafe!) and all about the sourcing of the coffee. All their blends are named after the place of origin and they make sure that every single blend is fair trade, sustainable, and they have good relationships with the coffee farmers. They make sure every batch is small, fresh, and of the highest quality. If you want to make sure that your purchase does good for the world, Karma Coffee is the way to go.

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Broadsheet Coffee Roasters is an innovative, fair trade coffee brand based in Cambridge, MA. They are the only specialty coffee brand based out of Cambridge and their approach to coffee is scientific and always improving to make sure that the best coffee is available to their community. They have a blend for everyone from all different places of origin: from Ethiopia to Mexico. Whatever you are in the mood for, you will be able to find it with a Broadsheet blend.


Little Wolf’s branding is the cutest, and their coffee just happens to be delicious as well! This coffee company is named after the husband and wife owner’s Siberian Husky (who is featured in a little drawing on every bag). Little Wolf’s philosophy is that good coffee is only as good as the people you drink it with…which we can totally get behind. Little Wolf sources the highest quality green coffee, lets it develop to its fullest potential and then roasts it to allow the inherent flavors to shine. They only carry light to medium blends, but make no mistake- there is no lack of flavor here. They also have the cutest merch if you want to represent your favorite coffee brand!


BKG Coffee Roasters want to make perfect coffee. They are our newest brand (can’t wait to see what y’all think!) and are based out of Brooklyn, NY. BKG has a coffee for everyone, and is always looking for the best possible blend to fill gaps in their flavor profile. They are family run (sound familiar?) and although their business has grown exponentially in recent years they still maintain small business practices like small batch roasting, ethical sourcing and maintaining close relationships with their local customers.

That’s the official breakdown of all the coffee brands that Nan’s has to offer! We hope you guys enjoyed this guide and can’t wait to expand our coffee offerings even more in the future.


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