Cook Like a Chef: Veggies

Here at Nan’s, we are all about veggies and making them the centerpiece of your meal. With the New Year upon us, we’re sure that many of y’all are looking to introduce more vegetables into your everyday routine. But steamed veggies, no seasoning? Not our vibe. We asked Chef and Owner Jordan Mackey to give some tips on how to cook veggies in a way that will make you want to eat them! You’ll thank us later…

q: How to cook veggies that I actually want to eat?

A: Roast them!

“What makes roasted vegetables so delicious? Two amazing things happen when you roast vegetables:
1. You remove water (and we all know what water tastes like...nothing). By removing water, you inherently are left with more tasty vegetable flavor.
2. You caramelize sugar. When you allow natural sugar to caramelize, you get deeper sweeter flavors. When you cook vegetables in water by boiling or steaming, you are actually adding water and sugars get diluted and fail to caramelize.

Cook your vegetables in a very hot oven ( 450 or higher)...this allows sugars to caramelize quickly before your vegetables get too soft and mushy!”


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